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Aarogya Setu: 5 things you can do on this contact tracing app

Aarogya Setu alerts users if they come in contact with a Covid-19 patient. But here are five more things you can do on this app.


The Indian government earlier this month launched its Covid-19 contact tracing app, Aarogya Setu. The Covid-19 app is available on Android and iOS, with over 50 million installs on Google Play Store.

Aarogya Setu is available in English, Hindi and other regional languages. The app uses the phone’s Bluetooth and location data to alert users if they’ve come in close proximity to Covid-19 patients. While this is the main purpose of this app, there are five more things you can do on it.


This is something that you’re required to do when you first register on the app. But you can take this self-assessment test even later whenever you feel like. On the homepage of the app, tap on “Self Assess” then fill in your details and answer the questions of Covid-19 symptoms. Based on your answers, the app will determine if you’re fine or not. Also, an updated status of your health will be displayed on top of the homepage.

Covid-19 do’s and don’ts

Aarogya Setu has a detailed section on Covid-19 do’s and don’ts. Scroll down the app and select the section. Here, you’ll find all the do’s and don’ts of Covid-19 like regularly washing hands, covering your mouth and nose while sneezing and more. You can also find information on understanding if you need to go for a checkup or not.


Covid-19 updates in India

The app also provides the latest updates on Covid-19 cases in India. On top of the app, you’ll find “COVID Updates” with a state wise tally of Covid-19 cases. Here, Covid-19 cases are listed as confirmed, recovered and deceased. And this is available for all the states and union territories.

Donate button

Aarogya Setu also has a donate button for the PM Cares Fund. You will find this option at the bottom of the app where the account details of the fund are mentioned. There’s a “Donate Using UPI” button which you can select and directly pay via the UPI app you have installed on your phone.

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